Review: PlasmaCar

Having put together roughly 100 PlasmaCars during my time working at the Learning Express, and having rode on them regularly inside the store, I can say confidently that they’re one of my favorite indoor toys. PlasmaCars require you to shake the steering wheel back and forth to go forward, an odd way to power them which makes driving a bit wacky, but it’s surprisingly manageable to navigate and a blast to cruise around in.

Putting them together isn’t terrible, but it definitely didn’t hurt to have some practice. Aligning the steering column correctly might take a second try, but you’ll probably have it set-up within a few minutes using the tool provided.

Both of us managers loved to ride them around, and we’re adult men, so the weight limit (220lbs!) will handle any child – even a Texan! Over time, some gunk can build up in the tires, like hairs that get wrapped up. Just check them occasionally or when it starts to drive weird, and that’s easy to fix.

Now, if you don’t have indoor space with hard floors, this product isn’t for you. It won’t ride at all on carpet, but it glides wonderfully on wood floors (not recommended though), and almost as well on tile. You will need a little bit of open space, but maybe just consider that as motivation to keep your kitchen clean!

If you’re shaky on putting them together, or want to check them out in person, they normally retail for $70. Talking from experience, I bet you can negotiate that down to $50, even for a new unit already assembled, so don’t be afraid to make an offer and walk away – they’ll probably agree. However, you can also order them for as little as $48.15 directly from Amazon (Prime eligible).

You can also get a much cheaper version; however, these knock-offs don’t have quite as good of a rating, and if you check the images from the poor ratings, I think you’ll understand the difference. I never saw a bad unit from a genuine PlasmaCar, but if you don’t mind rolling the dice, for $26.81, here you go!